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Our company specialises in creating construction programs that cover all stages of your project, from tender to commissioning. At Start 2 Finish Project Planning, we specialise in developing construction programmes.


Our team members have experience managing esteemed projects in sectors such as Health, Education, the Arts, Retail, Data Centres, High-End Residential and Apartment Blocks, Listed Buildings, Refurbishments, Manufacturing spaces, and Heritage sites.

Programme management is a critical component in the delivery of successful construction projects. It involves coordinating and controlling all project plans, schedules, resources, costs and contractual activities. Monitoring and managing the programme in real-time ensures that any problems or delays are swiftly identified and rectified while providing ongoing feedback on progress to stakeholders.

Our programmes can be resourced and cost-loaded, with a well-defined critical path highlighting the main tasks leading to your project's completion.

Recognising that every construction project is distinct, we provide a customized service to develop a construction programme specifically designed for your requirements. We can include the design stage and procurement of sub-contract packages.

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