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What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin of a property is a 3D virtual model that replicates the physical space of the property. The digital twin enables estate agents, property managers, and other professionals to use 3D virtual tours and offer immersive experiences of properties, buildings, and other spaces that can be viewed and shared online. The 3D models can be used for a variety of applications, including virtual property tours, construction documentation, insurance assessments, pre and post-occupation scans to determine wear and tear and allow for accurate assessments of damage by the property management agent.

Once the 3D model is rendered we will provide an embed code so that the virtual tour can be added to the property page on your website.


360 degree photos or 2D photos can be downloaded from the tour at a resolution of 36 megapixels. These assets can then be used elsewhere independently on other social media platforms.


The tour can then be viewed on a smart phone / tablet device as well as a desktop / laptop computer using a compatible web browser. No additional software needs to be installed.


Additionally, all our tours can be experienced within VR using compatible device that supports the WebVR standard

Accurate 2D floor plans can be produced from the model. floor plans are available in PDF, PNG & SVG file formats to be used independantly of the 3D tour

2D Schematic Floor Plans


Tags allow other media such as images, text, PDFs, hyperlinks and hosted videos to enhance and provide more information on items such as fixtures, appliances and instructions for smart home devices of the property

Measurement Mode

We can combine the virtual tour of the inside of the property with an external 360 degree drone photo of the area around the property to identify key transport, roads, businesses and schools within the vicinity of the property. Enter the internal virtual tour by clicking on the building

The doll-house view

This shows the captured space as a 3D complete model that can be rotated, panned and zoomed. This view gives context to how a specific room is related to the building as a whole, how far from a lift lobby the room is, the relationship of other rooms, whether on the same level or directly above or below.


A top-down plan view
If the model has multiple levels a side menu allows you to select which floor you would like to view.

Matterport Plan View-2.jpg
Navigating a Digital Twin

To learm how to navigate a digital twin, please follow this link here.

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