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Construction Progress

Accurate tracking and recording are crucial for effective project management. During the construction phase, we at Start 2 Finish conduct regular site visits and walkthroughs to assess the project's actual progress against the planned schedule.

Each task on the schedule is individually evaluated based on the work completed on-site, after which we update the construction program to reflect the current progress. This results in a revised schedule and a new projected completion date.

If there are delays due to changes in the project scope, the updated program can be used to request an extension of time. If the delays are internal, we identify opportunities to help bring the project back on track. This process of regular progress monitoring ensures that our projects are always aligned with our clients' expectations and our commitment to timely delivery.

Using Digital Twins in Construction

Keeping accurate records for each progress period is essential and will assist in both assessing the progress of tasks on the programme and then as evidence for use in communicating delays to the client. Using modern technology a digital twin of the project can be made and used to communicate ongoing progress more efficiently than say a traditional report with numerous photos. Unlike static photos, a digital twin provides a dynamic 3D model of the project. This allows for a more comprehensive and interactive view of the project's progress. Digital twins can integrate data from various sources. Digital twins can be shared with various stakeholders, allowing for improved collaboration. Stakeholders can interact with the model, understand the project's progress, and provide inputs. Photos in a report do not offer this level of interactivity.

Below is an example of drone mapping being used between two periods of time on a resdential development. Drag the slider left or right to compare progress achieved between two progress periods

The 3D digital twin shown below was used on a project where the client was out of the country through most of the construction phase. A digital twin was captured at different stages throughout the construction phase and this allowed the client to virtually walk around the project, but was also used as a tool throughout the construction phase to communicate elements on site that needed further clarification. A deep link can be taken from any part of the model. When the end user clicks on the deep link, the user is taken to that very specific part of the model. 

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