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Plas Gunter Mansion, Abergavenny

The trust used our digital twin as a basis to raise awareness and fundraise for the property's restoration. Due to the condition of the building, members of the public are no longer allowed to enter the upper floors. Our digital twin allows members of the public to virtually navigate the space safely. It is the intention of the trust to update the model as the restoration works progress so that supporters can see how their hard work helps transform the building back to its former glory.

What is Plas Gunter Mansion?

Plas Gunter Mansion is a historic property in Abergavenny, a market town in Monmouthshire, Wales.

Plas Gunter Mansion is a Grade II* listed building, which means it is of particular importance and of more than special interest. This designation is given by Cadw, the Welsh Government's historic environment service.


The mansion is a well-preserved example of a 16th-17th century townhouse. It's built in a traditional style with a timber frame, plaster, and Welsh slate roof. The house features a large hall, a parlour, and several bedrooms.


The mansion was built by the Gunter family, who were prominent local landowners in the 17th century. The house later passed through several hands before being restored in the 20th century.


Today, Plas Gunter Mansion is a private residence and not generally open to the public. However, it sometimes participates in events like Open Doors, a program by Cadw that allows the public to visit historic buildings that are usually closed to them.


The mansion is located on Cross Street, in the heart of Abergavenny, close to other historic sites such as Abergavenny Castle.


One of the unique features of the mansion is the richly decorated plasterwork ceiling in the hall, considered a significant example of decorative plasterwork from the period.

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