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Our Lady and St Michael's

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

My fascination with the Recusant Period of Catholic history was built into my childhood by my father. Our family outings in a rather battered old camper van seemed to involve investigating churches, ruins and cemeteries, generally culminating in a pot of tea in tin mugs, sometimes accompanied by huge slabs of homemade bread and margarine.... these days, I earn my crust in a rather lovely way. I capture sites and buildings with a 3D Capture of data and crisp 4k photography in our family business. This data is transformed into Virtual Tours, which are then customised to the client's needs.

In early September 2021, we visited the beautiful town of Abergavenny in Monmouthshire, where we captured a rather magnificent building designed by a pupil of Pugin, followed by a visit to St Mary's Priory, Monmouth, also in Monmouthshire. In accordance with a time-honoured family tradition, I now had my own campervan and was able to take the exploration of these spaces at a civilised and leisurely pace. I am sure that 25 years later, my Dad would be proud that his grandson, Luke (along with Lily, Smudge and myself), captured two more rather lovely yet distinctly unique buildings:

The day was long, but we learnt many interesting details about the building, and by the time Smudge and I settled down to our own version of tea and bread in a silent riverside camping spot, we were ready for Compline and sleep!

Our Lady and St Michael’s - Abergavenny .

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