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Plas Gunter Project

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

On the 29th of October last week we were honoured to be invited to Plas Gunter to create a digital twin of the Plas Gunter Mansion.

The digital twin of Plas Gunter Mansion will be used in a multifunctional way: The 3D model of the site will be used to record progress for interested professionals and specialists involved in the project. Once a tour of Plas Gunter is created, the client could request many features to create interest; a paywall could be used to raise funds - as per the client's wishes.

The benefactors and Volunteers at Plas Gunter Mansion want to view the building - but the fabric of the property is so fragile that it will not be able to sustain many visits; however, armed with Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Insurance documents, PPE and all the delicacy we could muster, we tiptoed through the uneven floors and ancient beams in order to complete the scans necessary. Plas Gunter will now be able to bring the Restoration Project to the smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops of benefactors all over the world!

The engagement with Heritage projects always fascinates me, and I feel privileged to be able to support this particular initiative. I love the interactions between the local museum, the Plas Gunter Mansion Trust and the community. It is such an exciting project, and we intend to be in for the long haul! Here is a link to the client's website for further information:

Plas Gunter Mansion, Abergavenny and I would encourage you to help in whatever capacity you can!

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