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St Mary's Priory, Monmouth

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Familiarity with the historic town of Monmouth came about because our family annual holidays involved taking the campervan through the town to do a tour of the relatives. It was an exciting trek winding our way through the borderlands of South Wales and England. What seemed like weeks later, we would reluctantly make the return journey home from Anglesey - sometimes in one day! Our first inkling that we might be near home was recognising the narrow Monnow Bridge. I always remember waiting with baited breath to see if Dad would suggest Fish 'n Chips and the big collective sigh of disappointment as we realised that once we had crossed that bridge there were no crispy bits of batter or chip treats that night!

As part of a longer stay in Wales, Monmouth greeted Luke, Smudge and myself with a gorgeous crisp bright morning. We were met by Dan Damon who wanted to interview us as we arrived and set up. The morning was set as another training session for my son. He was curious about the photography and capture services that Start 2 Finish Project Planning Ltd provide, and it was lovely to spend some time with my adult son.

We spent the day planning and capturing the site. The historicity really impressed Luke and he was truly satisfied with his day's work which you can see by clicking this link here: St Mary's Priory Church

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