Digital Twins &
Virtual Tours



Our 3D virtual tours are fully immersive and shows the full scale and details of your property in HDR 4K photography. 

These digital tours are created by placing the camera in multiple locations throughout your space. When the entire space is captured, a 3D model is produced. Users of the virtual tour can then navigate the model using a mouse or arrow keys at the desktop, or a tap of the finger on a smartphone to walk through the virtual space. At each location within the model, the user can view a full 360 degrees in every direction and can zoom in or out to pick out specific details. Still images can be taken from the model and downloaded to the users device.


The model can be viewed in three aspects:

3D interactive model 

Users can navigate the space viewing 360 degrees.

The doll-house view

This shows the captured space as a 3D complete model that can be rotated, panned and zoomed. This view gives context to how a specific room is related to the building as a whole, how far from a lift lobby the room is, the relationship of other rooms, whether on the same level or directly above or below.


A top-down plan view
If the model has multiple levels a side menu allows you to select which floor you would like to view.

Matterport Plan View-2.jpg

These Models can be produced with the architect or construction company logo displayed or it can remain unbranded. These models are produced for your benefit and protection.

The following model will give you experience navigating a 3D tour and discovering basic tags:

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