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Construction Plans

Construction Planning

Are you looking for a reliable and professional company to compile your construction programmes whether to be for your tender submission, or whether at pre-construction or construction stages of your project?


Start 2 Finish Project Planning specialise in creating construction programmes. A comprehensive, logic linked programme allows you to focus on the key project deliverables and ensures that your project stays on track. Our programmes can be resourced and costed, with a clear critical path highlighted identifying key tasks that drive the completion of your project.


Every construction project is unique, which is why we offer a bespoke service to create a construction programme tailored specifically to your needs. We can incorporate the design stage and procurement of sub-contract packages.

During the construction stages you can take advantage of our drone services and 3D tour technologies in conjunction with our construction planning service will assist in communicating accurate and detailed progress periodically to the client, design team, supply chain and other stakeholders of the project.

Our team members have covered prestigious projects in the Health sector,  Education,  the Arts, Retail, Data Centre, High-End Residential and Apartment Blocks, Listed Buildings Refurbishment , Manufacturing space and Heritage sites.

​From start to finish, our project management services will help your construction project stay on track. Our team can provide you with detailed construction programmes, progress reports and resource histograms to ensure that your project is always moving forward. Contact us today for more information!


Drone Services

We provide: 


Aerial photography and video - can be used for inspections or advertising / promotional material. Aerial surveys on buildings until now were extremely expensive. The existing condition of the building would need to be taken into account before sending personnel into and onto the building, a means of safe access would be needed, often involving the hiring of scaffolding. This method is both time consuming and expensive.


Aerial 360 degree photos - captures your asset(s) and the whole environment 


High definition 2D maps - covering any size area. In construction, these could be used for logistic plans for pedestrian walkways, lay down areas, delivery routes and material lay-down areas. 2D maps taken periodically could also be used during the pre-construction stage prior to works commencing on site to track and communicate species migration off of the site so that construction works can commence without harming the local habitat. 2D maps could also be used when carrying out below ground infrastructure works where the photo can be overlaid with the CAD drawing(s) to ensure all piping and ducting is installed and positioned correctly.


Photogrammetry - the construction of a 3D model of your asset using a number of photos taken at various locations and angles.


Our service for mapping and photogrammetry are cloud based, so you can login at any location. The mapping and 3D models can be viewed in a web browser on a mobile or desktop computer without having to download additional software or create an account for the service.

We are certified, holding a General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC). The GVC is a remote pilot competency certificate, suitable for VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) operations. We also hold an Operational Authorisation, issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

3D Virtual Tours

Our 3D virtual tours are the next-generation way to visualise 3D spaces in a fast, cost effective solution. Our 3D property virtual tours use an all in one capture system that provides both interactive 3D and VR experiences. We create a 3D digital twin of your property, allowing you to show off your space to potential customers and/or clients providing a fully immersive experience that will allow them to navigate the space at leisure. The 3D virtual tour is presented in HDR 4k photography and can be viewed in multiple ways from your desktop browser, tablet or iOS device. 

Our 3D virtual tours are ideal for:

  • Fund Raising for Restoration on Heritage projects;

  • Listing or appraising properties;

  • Holiday Lets;

  • Construction Progress;

  • Assist with As-Built record drawings;

  • Facilities Management;

  • Insurance & Restoration...


We use Matterport Pro2 Cameras and the Leica BLK360 for higher density cloudpoint scans of needed. We have Matterport Certified lead technicians.

Our drone services can also be used to compliment the Matterport digital twins we offer. The drone can provide external data to further enhance the digital twin, allowing viewers to see the external characteristics and location of the building and its relationship with its surrounding area.



The team involved in Start 2 Finish Project Planning Ltd have diverse interests, and the creativity that springs from this, is reflected in our cerebral multi-perspective approach to all our projects.

One of our youngest contributors, for example is Aidan. He has an interest in flying which has extended into drone flying and stunning photography; Tomos, our intern, has taken his interest in History and heritage sites into virtual tours and the model building sphere whilst pursuing his degree at Winchester University. The admin staff have interests, as diverse as ancient classical languages and literature through to 3D printing.


However the main driver of the company has been a concern for providing excellent quality construction services with integrity, professionalism, and commitment. These family values meshed with 30 years experience in the construction industry are available to you through Start 2 Finish Project Planning Ltd.

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Programme management is a key component of effective construction projects. It involves the coordination and control of all project plans, schedules, resources, costs and contractual activities. By monitoring and managing the programme in real time, it ensures that any problems or delays are swiftly identified and rectified while providing ongoing feedback on progress to stakeholders.


The overall benefits of good programme management include improved construction progress, greater health & safety during the project lifetime and increased value for money in terms of efficient use of resources.


Effective programme management relies on accurate tracking and assessment protocols which provide reports on progress. The use of digital twins and drone mapping assist in demonstrating works undertaken and allow main contractors to more accurately communicate progress. A progress review with stakeholders utilising a digital twin of your project makes for a more focused and streamlined meeting. Regular accurate progress reports allow for informed decisions to be made quickly with minimal disruption to on site operations.

Start 2 Finish Project Planning have undertaken works within a number of sectors. Some examples are listed below. 

RETAIL - New Bond Street, London - Southampton - Bristol - CardiffRESIDENTIAL - London Grosvener Square, Hyde Park, Cardiff, BristolDATA CENTRE - Newport, South WalesUNIVERSITIES - Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol, HOSPITALS - Birmingham, Reading, CardiffHERITAGE- Hyde Park Road London, Monmouthshire, Highclere,  Our Lady and St Michael's - Abergavenny, Belgrave Square London, Malmesbury Abbey




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